Top 10 Non-Superhero Horror Comics

9. Creepy

First Published: 1964

If EC Comics accidentally almost killed the horror comic genre, then Warren Publishing helped save it. After the foundation of the Comics Code Authority, which essentially censored all depictions of graphic violence and illicit acts in comics, Warren Publishing released Creepy in 1964. Much like EC Comics’ horror titles, Creepy was a horror anthology, with a host character named Uncle Creepy. But unlike, say, Tales From The Crypt, Creepy was released as a newsstand publication in a magazine format. This allowed Warren Publishing a loophole to avoid the Comics Code Authority. Creepy would also be instrumental in helping promote new talent like Neal Adams (who helped revitalize DC Comics in the late 60s and 70s), Steve Ditko (co-creator of Spider-Man), Gary Morrow (co-creator of Man-Thing), and Archie Goodwin (one of the most influential writers and editors in comic history).

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