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Malawi Terror Beast

Crpyt 049A Malawi Terror Beast By Omegarex24

The Malawi Terror beast is the name given to an unknown cryptid that caused widespread panic and chaos in rural Malawi during the early months of 2003.Something that gives this particular story credence, in comparison to other cryptid stories, is the fact it resulted in several deaths and prompted military action.

In the district of Dowa, 100km north of the nation’s capital, Lilongwe, reports emerged of a rabid animal, with hyena like features, attacking and mauling members of the region. The graphic nature of the attacks are the most troubling aspect, with the eating of intestines and reproductive organs noted to have taken place on 2 elderly woman and a three year old infant, as well as the crushing of their skulls. In addition to these 3 deaths, 16 other people were maimed beyond recognition, with some losing hands, feet, mouths, noses and eyes. In the wake of the attack over 4,000 people left the Dowa area to take refuge in town halls, only returning home under armed guard and a sustained presence by local game keepers, the police and factions of the Malawian Army.

Those who saw the animal dismissed claims it was a Hyena, due to its large hind legs. Many local residents believed that the unknown animal is the soul of a similar beast that was killed a year before, after it slayed 5 people, and that it returned to exact revenge upon those that claimed its life. To this day what the beast was, or where it went, remain unsolved.

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