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Amphibians in Ancient Iraq

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In ancient Mesopotamia, the world’s first academically ratified, fully functioning civilizations of Babylon, Sumer and Akkadia emerged. Located in the middle of an area known as the Fertile Crescent, these civilizations inhabited what is now modern day Iraq and Iran. We owe the invention of writing and the wheel, among other crucial human breakthroughs, to these peoples. Their origins are shrouded in mystery. The biggest mystery surrounding the emergence of these civilizations is their almost overnight transformation from hunter gatherers to intelligent city building civilizations. The Sumer tells us, through their own records and writings, that they were aided by Aliens in establishing themselves as a sustainable, intelligent civilization. They referred to their god’s as the Annunaki, which translates as ‘Those who came from heaven to earth.’

A Sumerian priest named Berossus recorded how an amphibian, named Oannes, emerged from the Persian Gulf and taught the Sumerians numbers, medicine, astronomy, politics, ethics and law, encompassing all the necessities for civilized existence. Before his intervention the Sumerians ‘lived like beasts in the field, with no order or rule.’ He was described as follows ‘The whole body of the animal was like that of a fish; and it had, under a fishes head, another head, and also feet below, similar to those of a man, subjoined to the fishes tail. His voice, and language, too, were articulate and human; and a representation of him is preserved to this day….When the sun set, it was the custom of this being to plunge again into the sea, and abide all night in the deep; for he was amphibious.’ Whoever Oannes was, it is certainly a given that he was exceptionally good at what he did. Sumerian astronomers were so gifted that their calculations for the rotation of the moon are only 0.4 off modern computerized calculations. They also understood that planets revolve around the sun, something that wouldn’t be hypothesized by renaissance science for thousands of years. Sumerian mathematicians were also gifted almost beyond belief for their time. A tablet discovered among the hills of Kuynjik contained a 15-digit number–195,955,200,000,000. Mathematicians from the golden age of ancient Greece could count no farther than 10,000.

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