Top 10 Favorite Horror Comics

7. Uzumaki (Viz Media)

Cult manga hit Uzumaki is a nasty horror gem which follows the inhabitants of a small town as they inexplicably become obsessed with spiral patterns. What starts out as one or two townsfolk being captivated by the shapes eventually leads to a bizarre, supernatural conspiracy which consumes the entire town and turns it into an inescapable labyrinth. Admittedly, the story and characters are a little half-baked and logically inconsistent at times, but the appeal of Uzumaki lays in its disturbing artwork and the creepy ideas drawn from the premise. With highly detailed, life-like black and white illustrations, writer and artist Junji Ito conjures up some truly surreal imagery as the victims of the spiral curse twist and contort their bodies into strange coil patterns.

6. Torso (Image Comics)

Considered by some to be the case that broke the Untouchables supercop Elliot Ness, Brian Michael Bendis’ take on the Cleveland Torso Murderer is a true crime comic which shows that there’s plenty of horror in real life events. Bendis unfolds the story like a gritty detective movie (it’s probably no surprise that director David Fincher wanted to bring the comic to the big screen) and the comic is a mature, unsettling look at a horrific string of murder cases from the 1930s which were never officially solved. The shadowy, black and white artwork by Marc Andreyko creates an excellent noir-like atmosphere, but it is also experimental with its unconventional layout and stylistic flourishes. Andreyko even incorporates real-life photographs of the victims to seriously skin crawling effect.
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