The 10 Most Significant Superhero Couples of All Time

All You Need is Superhero Love

Superheroes hook up all the time. Just like real life people with similar social circles and interests, wearing a cape means that it takes someone particularly understanding to enter into a relationship that is likely to be fraught with peril.

These pairings often come and go – sometimes in the span of mere issues. But when two superheroes can make it work, legendary relationships can be forged. Even if those relationships end in disaster (as they often do) they still remain important aspects of superhero history.

This week, two iconic comic book couples are seeing some potential relationship changes, as a surprising person may come between the recently engaged Batman and Catwoman in Batman #39, and Kitty Pryde turns the tables on Colossus by popping the question in X-Men: Gold #20.

Given the pair of big moments at hand, we’re looking at the most significant relationships between two superheroes in comic books.

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