Drug-Free Method To Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds

Drug-Free Method To Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds

An estimated 60 million people in the United States suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Loss of sleep interferes with driving, social activities, work and even the health of those who suffer from sleep problems.

Drug-Free Method To Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds

Insomnia Causes a Variety of Health Problems

Scientists used to believe that sleep was just the mind lying in a dormant state. New studies have shown how critical a good night’s rest is to the overall well-being of humans. Many researchers believe that during sleep, neurons are able to repair themselves. This is why people who suffer from insomnia may have a difficult time with their memory, may experience mood swings and can have a reduced ability to perform math and reading functions.

The neurological problems that come from a lack of sleep could also play a role in the development of depression. A 2013 study by researchers at Ryerson University in Toronto found that when study participants were treated for insomnia, 90 percent experienced a decrease in their depression symptoms.

Children who don’t get enough rest have been found to suffer in their growth and development. Many of the body’s cells experience increased production and release extra proteins during sleep. When children don’t get adequate rest, the cells can’t properly release growth hormones that allow them to develop properly.

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