21 Genius Natural Tricks To Stay Cool This Summer Without AC

4. Make Cold Packs

In preparation for really hot days, make up a few cold packs and keep them in the freezer. When you get overheated and need to cool off fast, it can be as easy as taking out one of these ready-made compresses, wrap it in a small towel to prevent freezing your skin, then lay the pack over pulse points in your neck, wrists, feet, or anywhere else blood runs close to the surface of your skin. Your core temperature will drop several degrees within minutes, providing instant relief throughout your entire body.

An easy method for making homemade cold packs is to mix one part rubbing alcohol with three parts water in a resealable zipper bag. Double up the zipper bag if you’re worried about leakage. Then pop it into the freezer. The pack will stay flexible when frozen so it shapes to your skin even at sub-zero temperatures.

In a pinch, a bag of frozen green beans, peas, or other veggies works, too!

5. Try This Heatwave Peppermint Spray

21 Genius Natural Tricks To Stay Cool This Summer

Marie from HumbleBeeAndMe.com, the creator of this “Air Con In A Bottle” describes it’s effectiveness here:

When I first gave it a try I spritzed my entire body with it before putting on my pajamas. My bedroom was approximately 35°C at the time, and I found myself covered in goosebumps, shivering under my down duvet. So, yeah—this stuff works!

6. Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

While you may already be aware the fact, those who aren’t intimately familiar with ceilings fans may not realize that these wonderful energy-saving cooling devices have two modes. A small switch located on the body of the fan reverses the direction blades, thus changing the air currents produced by the fan. Because heat rises, a ceiling fan set to blow air downward actually pushes warmer air back into the room. Instead, flip the switch and set your fans in “pull” mode. This will pull heat up and away from the floor while it circulates the air.

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