20 Genius Ways To Use Citrus Peels You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

5. Citrus Extracts

Making your own extracts is really easy using citrus peels. Check out this tutorial for making your own lemon extract and just swap out the lemon peel with orange, grapefruit or lime for different flavors.

6. Citrus Liqueurs

Infusing citrus peels with grain alcohol and adding syrup is a fantastic way to make your own tasty liqueurs. Check out this tutorial revealing how to make your own Tangerine Spice, Orange Saffron and Mint Lime liqueurs.

7. Infuse In Tea

Add some citrus peels to your tea to give an extra citrus kick.

For Home & Cleaning…

8. Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

Vinegar is an incredible natural cleaner but has a pungent smell that not many people like. Infusing citrus peels in the vinegar gives a fresh aroma that masks the nasty smell and adds extra cleaning properties! Check out this tutorial for making your own citrus vinegar.

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