18 Warning Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue & 8 Ways To Fix It

Easily Overwhelmed by Stress

Low hormone levels can leave you feeling unable to deal with physical or emotional stress.

Sufferers may feel anxious or irritable when dealing with stressors, or they can simply lack the motivation to face problems head on. Moodiness, emotional instability, confusion, negative thoughts, or excessive sensitivity are common responses to stress in those with adrenal fatigue.

Poor Immunity

Picking up every cold, flu and infection that goes around is a classic sign of low-functioning adrenals.

The adrenal hormones play an important role in regulating the immune system and fighting inflammation and, when burned out, low levels of these hormones lead to low immunity.

Low cortisol levels can also contribute to chronic inflammation, which we know is linked toa whole host of illnesses like asthma, allergies, heart disease, cancer, premature aging, and more.

Conversely, in the early stages of adrenal fatigue – when you’re likely under huge amounts of stress – levels of cortisol are high, which also works to suppress the immune response.

Either way, too much stress and overworked adrenals lead to illness, highlighting the importance of keeping hormones within their optimal range.

Salt Cravings

In the advanced stages of adrenal fatigue, the adrenal glands will struggle to produce enough of the hormone aldosterone, which regulates fluid and electrolytes.

This causes excess salt (sodium) to be excreted by the kidneys, which leads to an electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. As a result, you may find yourself craving salty (or fatty) foods as your body tries to address this imbalance.

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