14 Genius Tricks To Get Rid Of Flies & Keep Them Away

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Whether the fly problem you’re dealing with is indoors or outdoors, this natural, easy to make flytrap is one of the most effective methods out there.

Simply get a bowl and fill it three-quarters of the way with apple cider vinegar and add in a drop of dish soap. The dish soap allows the liquid in the bowl to have a more firm surface that eventually causes the flies to fall into the vinegar without them being able to predict what’s happening. Just be sure to remove all other temptations for the flies on the table or counter that the trap will be placed on, so that there isn’t any distraction away from the bowl.

4. Fragrant Herbs as a Repellent

Another way to completely deter flies from your garden is to plant aromatic and fragrant herbs such as lavender, basil, and mint. If you are growing vegetables outdoors, it can be helpful to put in bunches of these herbs surrounding your produce as it would effectively discourage the flies from hanging around. If you aren’t able to grow any herbs, the dried form of any of them will work just fine if they are bundled and tied inside of a cheese cloth. Then, just hang them in the affected areas.

5. Pennies in Water

This old Latin American trick ensures that flies will stay away, even if it doesn’t seem like pennies would be an instinctive repellent. Simply place glasses of water around the food that you feel is in danger of being attacked by the flies, and throw in about four or five pennies in each one. You’ll likely be shocked to find that the flies will come nowhere near your meal as long as the glasses are there, as they hate being around the copper that’s in pennies – while it’s not known exactly why, some believe the insects think that the pennies are the “eyes” of a much bigger, more dominant bug looking at them.

6. Milk Sugar Pepper Traps

This type of trap has been found to work wonderfully with all flies, but it’s especially effective for combating fruit flies. First, take a saucepan and heat up one cup of milk, three teaspoons of sugar, and one tablespoon of pepper. Allow the mixture to simmer for five to 10 minutes and then pour the mixture in a shallow bowl. Now, place the bowls around the infested areas. The flies will immediately be attracted to this mixture and drown right after landing in the bowls. After a day or two, be sure to clean everything out and dispose of all the dead flies.

7. Electric Fly Swatters

Electric fly swatters are one of the best inventions on the market for those who are surrounded by flies and want an immediate termination method. These swatters are typically shaped like small tennis racquets and emit a white UV light that attracts the insects to the device, which makes it an easy way to catch them since you don’t have to worry about running around and chasing them. The electric swatter kills the bugs right on contact and drops them into a collection tray, or right on top of the floor where they can be easily swept up and away. Don’t worry, these tools come with a protective layer on the outside that prevents people and pets from getting hurt if they accidentally touch the surface of the swatter. The electric part is within the inner wires, so only something as small as a fly can even come in direct contact with it. This Elucto Electric Fly Zapper is one of the most popular and is also useful for getting rid of mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. 

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