5 Insane Things Comic Books Believe Women’s Bodies Can Do

Popular culture has had issues with women for, oh, several thousand years or more. So, we’re not exactly blowing everyone’s minds by pointing out that even to this day, women tend to get depicted as trophies or sex toys for the (male) hero. But, comics really do inhabit their own category here — if not in the storylines, then just in the frankly ludicrous way females are drawn.

It’s not only a matter of relying on unrealistic body standards, but doing it to a degree that we’re not sure these characters could even survive. We’re talking about things like …

Breasts as Alien Organisms

DC Comics

We don’t want to perpetuate the hateful stereotype that everyone who enjoys or works with comics is a virgin. But, maybe it would help if boobs weren’t constantly drawn as if the artist had never actually seen one (or, you know, two). Those who have usually don’t think of them as perfect spheres loosely attached to a woman’s collarbone …

Marvel Comics
“They protect the clavicle during motorcycle crashes!”

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