16 Genius Hacks Using Everyday Household Items

As a millennial homeowner — yes, we do exist — on a tight budget, I’m always looking for ways to use what I have on hand to do things around the house. If I don’t need to buy something to achieve the results I need, why would I?These are some of my favorite ways to use everyday items in new ways.

1. Use the spring from an old pen to extend the life of a twisting cable.

Charging cables aren’t cheap, but they can begin to twist and break near the connections. The spring from a retractable pen will prevent it from bending too much.

Angelica Andersson | Snapguide

2. Tape an envelope below small drywall projects to keep clean-up easy.

Drywall dust gets everywhere, so this trick will keep it contained. You can even reuse the envelope if you do a lot of these projects.

Reddit | GoHernando

3. Use a dryer sheet to tackle tough soap scum.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a fresh sheet or a used one. Run it under some water and then rub it over the scum. The fabric softeners in the sheet will also soften the scum, and it’ll come right off.

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