Be tough on your irons

Hitting down on the ball and taking a divot is a must on iron shots yet many players just don’t do it. They love their clubs, and I think they’re subconsciously afraid of banging them into the ground, nicking them, or otherwise wearing them out. They want to keep them shiny and new. Golf clubs are beautiful, yes, and you want to take care of them, but you don’t have to treat them delicately. They’re tools. The same goes for the perfect turf we get to play on: Don’t hesitate to take a healthy divot. Divots are easy to replace.

Find better players

I’ve played and practiced a lot with Tiger Woods. Obviously Tiger can hit iron shots no woman can hit, let alone most men, but that didn’t stop me from trying to play like him. Gradually, bits of Tiger’s technique crept into my game. By trying to copy the way he shaped shots and controlled his spin and trajectory, the shots that once had been difficult for me in competition became easier. I led the LPGA Tour in greens in regulation in 2010, in part because I played as much golf as possible with someone who was much better than I was. Seeking out the best players at your course will really boost your game.

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